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Advice for Safe CBD Vaping

Why choose Vaping?

Vaping is generally considered to be a safer, cleaner alternative to traditional smoking. But even for those individuals who did not smoke prior to trying e-cigarettes, the draw of a pleasurable tasting, smoke-free and convenient consumer trend is undeniable.

However, there are a few things to look out for when starting out with CBD and vaping.

Ensure you have the Correct Product

Nothing can be more vital than this, as choosing the wrong kind of product can lead to some serious adverse health effects, even long-term illness.

What we are talking about when we say wrong product, is not about brand in this case but rather about accidentally using a liquid product not designed for vaporisation.

There are several important distinctions to be made when it comes to vape liquid:

CBD Oil is the standard form in which we sell Cannabidiol. It comes in a small bottle, similar in shape and size to the type of bottle you would expect to see in e-liquid containers, but this is a broad-spectrum distillate designed to be dropped directly on the tongue, and should never be aerosolised.

On the other hand, our lab-formulated CBD e-Liquids are specifically designed to be safely aerosolised in a vape pen, developed to be a clean, organic CBD isolate in a solution of Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Sucralose, Water and finally Cannabidiol.

This does not affect its potency – each 1ml of the 300mg e-Liquid for example still contains 10mg of 99% pure CBD – it is simply produced in a form safe for consumption through vaping.

Choose the Right Kit

Make sure to check that your vape kit is recommended or even designed specifically for use with CBD e-Liquid. Because of its chemical makeup, CBD e-Liquid is actually somewhat thinner than standard juices.

As such, you need to ensure your device is set up to handle CBD e-Liquid, to avoid costly leaks and vape kit damage. Generally, the smaller devices have greater compatibility, but a quick internet model search or chat with the supplier will ease any concerns.

Never Use Unregulated Products

The rise in popularity in vapes, particularly over traditional cigarettes has in conjunction caused a rapid growth in the development of potentially dangerous, unregulated vape compatible products, not tested under the stringent lab conditions for safety and quality like ours at our Florida laboratories.

This unfettered lack of regulation unfortunately has led to a rise in what has informally been dubbed ‘Vaping Illness’. The effects of Vaping Illness can include fever, chills, chest pains and coughing, shortness of breath, all caused from lung damage.

Unregulated CBD products in particular also have no guarantee of validity in terms of both their CBD content and THC levels, so you could be buying useless products or breaking the law, or both.

A final side note:

Don’t mix your vape products, especially not with nicotine! Nicotine degrades CBD so don’t mix the two.

We all know how harmful and addictive nicotine can be to the human body so we definitely recommend giving this trend a miss. You shouldn’t be mixing your own products in any case.

For much more information on CBD and how it can benefit you and your health & wellbeing, view more of our articles.

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