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CBD and Pregnancy: Is It Safe & Staying Safe

At Platinum CBD we take care to present unbiased and substantiated articles written specifically for our website. We do not try to promote or persuade, instead outlining research-driven evidence from reputable sources, such as research papers, studies and journals, in an easy to digest format. With this in mind, we ask that you always consider the evidence provided, recommend conducting your own wider reading and always consult one or more medical professionals for advice prior to the introduction of anything new to your both your diet and overall health.

CBD – The Basics

For an extensive exploration of CBD and it’s benefits we recommend heading to our main articles page. The most fundamental point to remember, especially if you are new to CBD, is the difference between CBD and THC.

CBD, or Cannabidiol is derived from the Hemp plant, a relative of the Cannabis plant. While our Hemp-derived products contain CBD and they contain almost no THC at all, due to the strict manufacturing processes they undergo.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the key component in Marijuana, and the psychoactive substance responsible for the ‘high’ effects of taking it. Our high-grade CBD products are lab-processed to contain, at point-of-sale <0.01% THC, well below the UK legal limit of 0.2%.

The Ethical Conundrum

The biggest problem in testing the safety and efficacy of any pharmaceutical substance is the ethical ramifications. Even under ‘normal’ circumstances, a new drug or therapy is developed and when done correctly can and should undergo a barrage of clinical trials, perhaps in some cases these are inevitably tested on animals before ultimately, human trials.

This process can be incredibly lengthy, and for good reason too. At every stage, the new substance is monitored for potential and harmful side effects. In modern medicine it is common practice to see quite a number of alarming side effects on even the most common household medicines, but this is because no matter if a side effect was observed in only 1 of 10,000 subjects, if a causal link can be found between the subject and the substance, then that side effect must be recorded.

The problem with gaining evidence of a substance’s safety in the context of a pregnancy, is the that the implications of testing anything on a foetus is highly unethical, so research is incredibly sparse. One has to be mindful of the fact that almost all of the research supporting the benefits of CBD, involve willing participants at a clearly defined stage of development.

Foetal development is still today not an exact and intricately documented science. The incredibly complex and interconnected set of system that comprise the foetal human body remain in a constant state of rapid growth and change throughout a pregnancy, including the all-important neuroendocrine and neurocannabinoid systems

An unknown number of factors during those 9 to 10 months, both internal and external can at any time, affect the delicate process of growing a human being, before science even begins to explore the epigenetic variables that can affect a child’s development, such as diet, pollutants, exposure to certain chemicals, stress.

What the Research States

As CBD Oil is a naturally derived extract, which has its own benefits, it is impossible to produce an 100% isolate of Cannabidiol. Even the purest and cleanest lab-manufactured CBD oil such as ours, will inevitably contain trace amounts of the other compounds present in the hemp plant. This includes THC – this is no secret – though we do certify with a third-party lab that every batch of our products contain below 0.01% THC in total.

THC should be of particular concern for expectant mothers, as studies have indicated that THC and Marijuana inhibits embryonic growth, which could have serious consequences for the proper development of the foetus and its neuroendocrine system as well as in later life. This is why we cannot stress enough the importance of steering clear of unregulated and uncertified sellers simply looking to make a profit.

Regardless, Safety is a Priority

As always, we strongly believe in the notion of ‘your body, your choice’, provided that those decisions come after sound advice and research. If ultimately the decision remains to continue use of, or introduce CBD while pregnant, then we would at the very least recommend the following precautions to keep you and your developing baby as safe as possible:

  • Ensure you are taking as lowest dose as is possible to achieve any notable, intended outcomes, and keep it low.
  • Monitor your physical and mental wellbeing carefully and consistently, note any out-of-the-norm changes, and have another close person monitor you as regularly as possible.
  • If in doubt, remember that a medical professional has the knowledge and the context that the non-medical community do not – no amount of personal research can trump the years of training and experience those medical professionals possess.
  • As soon as the symptoms you are trying to alleviate subside, stop taking CBD for that time. The intention with that is that taking it intermittently will avoid any of the cumulative properties that are under normal circumstances, a benefit.
  • Make certain, you purchase a highly reputable, laboratory tested CBD Oil that contains the lowest trace amount of THC, certified as close to zero as possible.

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