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CBD Oil for your Pets

CBD Basics

We have discussed the chemistry and biology of Cannabinoids, or CBD, as well as go into specifics about certain problems that CBD has now been proven to effectively aid in treating.

One question that you might be surprised to know we are often asked is, “Will my pet benefit from CBD?”.

CBD, an extract in this case of the Hemp plant, manufactured and isolated at our Colorado laboratories, so our products contain negligible to zero THC, well below the minimum mandatory levels of 3%.

No THC means no psychoactive effects or ‘getting high’, which is intrinsically what makes these products safe and more importantly, legal.

CBD in Animals: why will my pet benefit?

So why might one want to give their pet CBD oil?

Well, as any caring and long-time pet owner will attest to, our pets, although different physiologically in many ways, are susceptible to many of the same illnesses and ailments of the body and mind that we as humans are.

We are, for now, to assume that when most people say pets, they are by-and-large referring to dogs and cats, there is simply not enough data available to go into every distinct domestic pet, with their countlessly differing needs and physiologies.

Cats and dogs as they age, become more susceptible to age-related illness, like inflammatory diseases, arthritis, neuropathic disorders like seizures, as well as a natural decline in the general health of the patient due to ageing.

CBD for your Precious Pets: Is it Safe?

This is where honesty and integrity are highly important to our reputation.

We would never advocate using a product that we did not believe was safe and lawful, for humans or other animals. What we will do, however, is relay scientific, research-supported information that will help you to make a more informed decision on how, when and why you use CBD oil.

  • As a newly developing field of study – due predominantly to its relatively recent legalisation – CBD has precious enough research being done just for human beings; the scientific communities around the globe are still pursuing the greatest understanding possible about this wonderful, natural asset, and as of 2020, no studies have been published exploring neuropathically, biologically or otherwise, the effects of CBD of domestic dogs and cats, so largely the advocacy is anecdotal, so please proceed with care and caution if you decide to treat your pet using CBD.
  • The one key fact we do know definitively, is that CBD is non-toxic, or more specifically there is no evidence, even anecdotally, those reasonable doses are in any way toxic to dogs and cats. Though understandably, we cannot and would not post links to information considered unsubstantiated, if you want to learn more, knowledge is power. To help you make a considered decision, one only has to google ‘CBD for cats’ for example, to find a wealth of first-hand documented accounts that should go some way to help.
  • There also exists on the web, reputable dosage calculators, potentially for use as a sound guideline whilst the hard science catches up to societal needs.
  • For the time being, for the above reasons, we would say, proceed cautiously and carefully, just as you would on your own CBD journey. Again, the typical mantra applies: start low, go slow. In all cases, it is best to start with a low dosage, monitor for effects and based on the requirement, gradually increase dosages until significant and desired results are achieved, for human or pet.

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