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CBD Use in Competitive Sports

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is a compound extracted from the Hemp plant, a relative of the Cannabis plant.

The compound does not resemble Tetrahydrocannabinol, has no psychoactive properties or ‘high’ effects and should not be confused with Marijuana.

Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD undergoes a strict manufacturing process. It is used in a number of food and dietary products and is legal and safe to use.

CBD has been proven to have positive effects on our health and lifestyle and recent research has shown that CBD strengthens our immune system, acts as a pain relief and reduces inflammation and stress.

For a more in-depth exploration of CBD and its many benefits, please visit our FAQs or main Articles page.

Why is this relevant to competitive sport?

A study published in 2019 found that it is not an uncommon practise for athletes to partake in high performance sport whilst in pain or suffering from an injury.

One of the most common reasons athletes take CBD is because it is an active pain relief without the highly-addictive properties common in anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen.

As well as increasing post-workout recovery time and relieving DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), researchers have found that the compound CBD reduces both inflammatory and neuropathic pain levels, resulting in an improvement in subsequent/recurring injuries.

Not only are athletes prone to injury, they are also likely to suffer from anxiety or stress during their professional career. A study written in 2015 revealed that CBD interacts with the receptors in our brain and regulates fear and anxiety-induced behaviours meaning athletes can easily manage their stress in order to prevent this from affecting their performance.

CBD is also shown to improve digestion, boost mental focus and support sleep, all helpful towards impelling professional athletes into their peak physical condition.

How to use CBD safely and legally

As Cannabidiol is a natural compound, the World Anti-Doping Agency (also known as WADA) legalised the use of CBD within sport in January 2018. This means CBD use is permitted in professional sporting competitions as it is not considered a performance-enhancing drug.

In sporting competitions and events, athletes are subject to anti-doping rules and although CBD is a legal and prohibited substance, athletes are strictly liable for any substance found in their blood or urine during the drug testing process before any sporting event or competition.

In order to take CBD safely and adhere to doping and legal guidelines, athletes should make sure to purchase the ingredient via a reputable and certified manufacturer (like ourselves) and ensure they are aware of the ingredients they are putting into their body.

After ensuring the CBD purchased contains no more than the legal limit of 0.2% THC and meets the legal and industry standards, we recommend that athletes inform their coach/manager and speak to a professional for advice.

An effective dosage of CBD can range anywhere from 5mg of CBD (per day) to 150mg (per day). It is advised athletes start in smaller doses in order to then observe their physical and mental wellbeing and recognise any change in symptoms before adjusting the amount.

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