Choosing the best CBD product for you!

Unfortunately, only you know which product would best suit your lifestyle so here is some information about each product to help you make up your mind.

Most importantly the product must be convenient to you and your lifestyle but one more thing to take into consideration when choosing the right product for you is bioavailability and onset time, Bioavailability refers to how much of the CBD contained in the product is likely to impact your body, Onset time refers to how long it will take to the product to take effect.

For a quick example of bioavailability and onset time, edibles tend to have a longer onset time and lower bioavailability than e-liquid, which take effect almost instantly and provide and high bioavailability. However, both products have their own strengths and drawbacks.

What effects the
bioavailability of CBD?

Well the main issue is our bodies are made up of 70% water and CBD is most commonly oil form, therefore the two do not mix very well. To get the most out of CBD it needs to get into the blood stream and avoid the digestive system (where a lot of CBD content will be lost) and that brings us onto onset time, the faster the CBD is in the blood stream the faster it is taking effect.

You must also take into consideration how long the CBD is effective in the system for and how often you need to top up the dosage.

Here is a chart to try help you understand each product.

ProductBioavailabilityOnset timeActive for
E – liquidHighFast2 – 3 Hours
Tincture / OilMediumMedium – Fast3 – 6 Hours
CapsulesLow – MediumSlow – Medium2 – 6 Hours
GummiesLow – MediumMedium2 – 6 Hours

So, finally which product best suites your lifestyle?

Where and when you use CBD is a big factor in choosing the right product for you. Do you leave your products at home? Because some products travel better than others. For example, if your taking CBD every morning and evening before bed then CBD oil drops might be perfect for you. However, if you are traveling or need a dose of CBD on the go, CBD gummies might be a better product for you. If you already use a vape pen and are on the go all day, then CBD e-liquid might be the one for you.

Take into account that products can be used alongside each other.

Here is an example of a good product combination.

  • CBD oil – morning dose
  • CBD gummies – mid day dose (on the go)
  • CBD oil – evening dose

We hope this information has helped you choose the best product to suit you.