Is CBD Oil Legal? Breaking The Myths

The Basics

First things first; let’s get the basics out of the way.

The Cannabis family of florae contains over 100 distinct chemical compounds – known as ‘Cannabinoids’. The two most famous of these, and the two you’ve almost definitely heard about, are:

Cannabidiol (CBD) & Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

The differences between the two from a scientific standpoint could not be more distinct, yet decades of misinformation has led to a muddying of the waters in terms of public awareness when it comes to exactly what it is that these compounds are and what they do.

In a nutshell, THC is the compound sought after by recreational marijuana users as this is the chemical solely responsible for the psychoactive effects of taking Cannabis.

CBD on the other hand is not capable of producing a psychoactive reaction in the human body which is why, when procured in an isolated form, such as a refined oil, CBD is entirely legal to manufacturer and purchase within the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, as per UK Government guidelines, the CBD oil we supply is derived 100% from Hemp plant, a member of the Cannabaceae family, so contains trace to 0% THC, making it entirely safe and legal for the UK consumer.

Dispelling 5 myths around CBD Oil (and why it is legal):

Is CBD Oil Addictive?

No. A resounding NO. In 2017 WHO (World Health Organisation) conducted a comprehensive study on Cannabidiol, reporting that:

“In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.” (1)

Any addiction, whether through substance or habit, interacts in some way with the body’s production of dopamine. It is this hit of dopamine that over time creates addiction. In fact, further research has indicated that the CBD itself actually inhibits the CB1 receptor in the brain, potentially contributing to a reduction in unhealthy reward seeking behaviour.

Does CBD Cause Depression?

CBD, like any substance be it nutritional or pharmacological, will have a differing effect on each individual and their current physical and mental state, their hereditary & genetic predisposition & sensitivity to any one compound, but…

what we do have is scientific evidence demonstrating that use of CBD is effective in reducing and/or combatting anxiety (2) and improving our mood by boosting our naturally occurring endocannabinoids in our system (3), the same one’s our body releases when we exercise.

Come on, CBD oil has got THC in it surely?

In fairness to the question, yes technically, it is near impossible to produce CBD without trace amounts of THC. All members of the Cannabaceae family tree produce THC as one of its many compounds, even Hemp.

But the all-important defining factor in why our CBD Oil is both safe for public use and more importantly, completely legal is that the overall percentage of THC remains below the Government set limit of 0.2% at all times. We would not be allowed to sell our products if this wasn’t diligently and continually tested.

To put it into context, still illegal marijuana contains on average 14% THC, with more dangerous strains bred to levels reaching 26%!(5)

As a naturally derived and organic hemp product, we do find <0.2% THC, but this is not enough to cause any adverse effects and is well within legal constraints.

CBD is CBD. Isn’t it all the same at the end of the day?

This one is an important, often undervalued factor of choosing a CBD Oil supplier. Now of course we have established that CBD is legal to have prescribed or purchase commercially, but this does not mean that you are getting the same product simply in different packaging.

As an emerging and growing sector of the UK market, CBD companies are cropping up left right and centre, and with this new growth also comes a fledgling regulatory system. Independent studies into specific CBD products have found that the Cannabidiol levels purported on the packaging of some products are vastly disproportionate and misrepresented to the actual CBD content within.

This is why it is more important than ever to do your own research and choose a reputable, certificated company, like Platinum CBD, because unfortunately unlike us, there is a ‘wild west’ of brands “taking consumers for a ride…” peddling sub-standard products that “…do not contain the level of CBD promised on the label.” (4)

Hemp Seed Oil, that’s basically the same thing, right?

In a word, no. Hemp Seed oil, while also legal as it contains negligible THC levels, actually contains little to no CBD either. There are a range of separate uses for hemp seed oil, but it is vital to not confuse the two. The cannabidiol that you want from a premium CBD product is produced by the plant in the stem and leaves, like the kind we farm, extract and test in our labs.

Ultimately, when choosing any CBD related products, you always want to ensure that you are choosing the highest quality – and that’s exactly what you will find here at Platinum CBD. You can see our lab results by clicking here.

Should you have any questions, or if you would like help choosing the best CBD product, please get in contact by emailing us at




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