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Parkinson’s Disease and CBD

As CBD oil becomes more and more mainstream as a health supplement and more is understood about the mechanisms in which CBD, or Cannabidiol interacts which the human body’s various biological systems, we understand more about how it can help treat and aid with some of the world’s most debilitating diseases and disorders.

In terms of its prolonged and disruptive potential to one’s daily life, few things are as hard on an individual as Parkinson’s Disease.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive disorder in which the brain’s nerve cells lose their ability to produce dopamine effectively.

Dopamine is the primary component in transmitting messages between the neurons in the brain, in particular, those neurons that help control motor function, fine movements, special awareness and coordination.

This means as Parkinson’s Disease progresses, patients can expect to experience tremors, slurred speech, memory loss, loss of concentration, balance issues as well as localised pain & swelling and insomnia.

The specific causal triggers for why Parkinson’s Disease and nerve cell loss occurs is still as of yet undetermined, but research so far suggests a combination of both genetic and environmental factors.

There is ongoing research into the link between widespread use of pesticides and herbicides and the onset of Parkinson’s Disease, but this research is not yet conclusive.

How CBD Oil Can Help

The predominant reason why CBD oil can be such an effective treatment for the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, is that Cannabidiol acts as an ‘Inverse Agonist’ for the GPR6 receptor.

  • An inverse agonist is a compound that binds to a specific receptor, which blocks its ability to function. Once blocked, generally the opposite biological response will then occur.

Put simply, there is evidence that a protein in the brain called GPR6 is abnormally high in Parkinson’s Disease patients; is one source for the low levels of dopamine.

Cannabidiol works as an inverse agonist to GPR6, resulting in an increase in dopamine levels over time and thus, a reduction in Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

This astounding and relatively newfound response, coupled with CBD’s well-established ability to reduce pain, inflammation, increase general mental wellbeing and improve sleep problems – all very common symptoms experienced by Parkinson’s Disease patients – there’s never been a better time to explore the addition of CBD if you are suffering with the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

It is important to stress that CBD is in no way a cure for Parkinson’s, there is at this time, no complete cure.

Rather CBD is an evidence-based and research-supported means of slowing and inhibiting the debilitating effects of its symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

A Picture paints a Thousand Words

It is one thing to quote studies, and research papers, facts and figures supporting the use of CBD for Parkinson’s Disease – and ‘Why not?’ you might think, we do manufacture CBD products after all!

But for all the talk, perhaps the most convincing argument for CBD as an aid for Parkinson’s, is to see it in action first-hand.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the following video nor do we endorse its contents directly. Video does not directly correlate to any Platinum CBD product sold on our website.

We do not condone or support use of products containing THC, only hemp-derived CBD. Video is for educational purposes only. Always do your own research and always consult your doctor before self-prescribing supplements or commercially available medical aids:

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