About us

A company-built striving to support happier healthier lives

Natural Relief

Platinum CBD was founded on the back of searching for natural relief of underlying health issues.

The director Connor Craig got recommended to try CBD products to help with some side effects due to a terminal illness (cystic fibrosis), He initially suffered with bad joints, achy muscles and anxiety.

Since using a quality CBD product his symptoms have significantly got better and now live a better quality of life from a natural alternative to medication.

Proven Lab Results

But finding a quality cbd product became very difficult.

The CBD industry is unregulated, and these are some of the issues we discovered.

Numerous products on the market have been tested and do not deliver the quality, they are weak and contain very little CBD with no proven lab results, Using these products you would not experience the true potential of CBD and it’s health benefits for you.

A Brand you can Trust

That is why we developed a brand you can trust, A brand you can rely on.

With hours of research we found that the very best quality hemp with the highest concentration of cannabinoids came from the organic farms in Colorado USA.

So that’s where we went!

Highest Quality

Here at platinum CBD we pride ourselves with the very best quality CBD oil money can buy.

All of our raw product is sourced straight from the organic Farms in Colorado for the highest quality which is always co2 extracted for the safest way possible, we do not cut corners.

After every batch of oils are created they are then third-party lab tested to make sure they are perfect time and time again. All our lab results can be viewed on our home screen and this provides our clients with 100% satisfaction.

Happier and Healthier

CBD is becoming more and more popular in the UK but there’s so many people who don’t know about CBD and who are uneducated about the product and how it could possibly help them.

Yes profit is lovely but we started this brand to educate and help people on the possible health benefits CBD could have on there lives , if you can live a happier healthier life from a natural product then why not?